What is ECOCELL ?


Ecocell is a natural and biodegradable lyocell fibre, made from wood pulp sourced from sustainable plantations and forests.

Ecocell is used to produce high quality textiles and personal hygiene materials. Using a unique and high technology manufacturing process, Ecocell fibre has outstanding dry and wet strength, high uniformity and consistency,  and superior quality. It can be blended well with various textile fibres to create different fabric styles and characteristics for a wide downstream applications.



Forest to Fibre : Sustainable way of Ecocell

KaraFiber supports the production of cellulosic fibres & fabrics from wood fibre that is not sourced in ancient and endangered forests, such as Indonesia’s tropical forest and Canada’s Boreal Forest, unless meaningful conservation plans and FSC™ certification are in place.


Eco-Friendly Process : Closed-Loop Production

Ecocell is manufactured using latest closed-loop technology, requiring minimal chemical input during the production process, and utilising an organic solvent that is non-toxic and harmless which can be 99.5% recovered and recycled.

In this respect, Lyocell is completely different from other cellulosic fibers. It is by far a more eco-friendly product.

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