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What is the Ecocell?

Ecocell is a regenerated cellulosic based lyocell fiber type, used for variety specialized applications to have better properties on textile products. it is defined as a fiber consisting of cellulose precipitated from an organic solution in which no displacement of hydroxyl groups occurs and no chemical intermediates are formed.

The Properties of Ecocell

Soft and Smooth

Softer feeling to the skin better
than silk.

Keeping the color bright

With its durable structure, it has high color fastness, which preserves its brightness and color even after repeated washing.

Moisture absorbing

It is breathable with its natural structure, transfers moisture very well and does not cause discomfort even in the case of sweating of the body.

Resistant to Wrinkles.

In wet or dry state, it is very strong and resistant to wrinkles.

The Benefits of Ecocell to The Environment

  • Closed Carbon Cycle (the carbon from the wood turns into textiles which can turn into wood again, after the biodegradation.
  • Ecocell uses a natural raw material (pulp, wood) and is biodegradable.
  • As the raw material is pulp from wood, there are no pesticides needed, compared to cotton.
  • The water consumption of wood is highly less compared to Cotton.
  • Ecocell is much more antibacterial due to a better moisture control and chemical properties compared to other fibres such as Polyester, Polyamid or PE.
  • By adding certain spin finishes to the fibre, the fibre can be made very antibacterial.